Classic kitchens range

If you're worried about your choice of kitchen becoming the victim of fashion there's no need to be. Our classic kitchens have timeless design appeal, and you'll continue to enjoy these classic kitchens as much as you did the day they were put into your home.

  • Abbey »

    The Abbey Classic Kitchen

    Elegant simplicity is effortlessly achieved with Abbey's soothing cream finish creating a calm and intimate interior.

  • Astor Classic »

    The Astor Classic Kitchen

    Fresh, understated and easy to live with. Astor Classic's enchanting mix of elegant simplicity with a hint of detail keeps the interior light and airy.

  • Astor Oak »

    The Astor Oak Classic Kitchen

    Astor Oak, a truly grand design uniting elegant detailing with warm natural oak for a kitchen that is rich in traditional splendour.

  • Broadoak Ivory »

    The Broadoak Ivory Classic Kitchen

    The delicate cream painted finish gives considerable elegance to this classic Shaker design.

  • Broadoak Light »

    The Broadoak Light Classic Kitchen

    This versatile design retains the natural characteristic of oak and offers total flexibility of styling for both modern and classic schemes.

  • Broadoak Natural »

    The Broadoak Natural Classic Kitchen

    Achieve the natural look with this warm and welcoming kitchen that unites a simple design with the beauty of natural oak.

  • Broadoak Painted »

    The Broadoak Painted Classic Kitchen

    Offering the best of both worlds, Broadoak Painted harnesses the everlasting qualities of oak in a sanded state for bespoke finishing.

  • Buttermilk Ivory »

    The Buttermilk Ivory Classic Kitchen

    The beauty of Buttermilk Ivory lies in its elegant styling and natural pale ivory colour enhanced with a subtle antique patina.

  • Coleridge »

    The Coleridge Classic Kitchen

    Coleridge's wide rails and grain detailing gives this kitchen a sense of solidity. The design features a split level worktop with a mix of granite and solid timber.

  • Cornell Classic »

    The Cornell Classic Kitchen

    A kitchen for all seasons, Cornell Classic's neutral palette and soft flowing lines create a calming interior with a timeless identity.

  • Cornell Oak »

    The Cornell Oak Classic Kitchen

    Indulge in country-style living with the inviting Cornell Oak, an honest and unpretentious design that oozes inner warmth and charm.

  • Cornell Painted »

    The Cornell Painted Classic Kitchen

    Cornell's enduring simplicity is offset by an elegantly styled timber door and a hint of discreet detail make this kitchen ideally suited to a more formal period interior.

  • Croft Oak »

    The Croft Oak Classic Kitchen

    Mellow, rustic tones and style that's so simple, Croft Oak offers all the essential ingredients for a warm and welcoming kitchen.

  • Croft Washed »

    The Croft Washed Classic Kitchen

    Homely, pure with an unmistakable rustic charm, Croft Washed is a kitchen for living that will never grow tired.

  • Eden Classic »

    The Eden Classic Kitchen

    Eden's period detailing is available in three solid timber options - oak, classic and painted.

  • Eden Painted »

    The Eden Painted Classic Kitchen

    Colour is a personal thing so with a touch of imagination this classic, pre-sanded oak door will create a truly individual kitchen.

  • Freestyle Ivory »

    The Freestyle Ivory Classic Kitchen

    The simple stepped frame of Freestyle Ivory combines beautifully with the timeless quality of ivory.

  • Lyndon »

    The Lyndon Classic Kitchen

    Inspired by country living, Lyndon features a wide stile design in knotty oak for a truly rustic feel.

  • Langham Painted »

    The Langham Painted collection

    Langham's timeless design with wide rails has an honest and enduring style. The blend of alabaster and sage, whilst a subtle tonal contrast, is nonetheless a pleasing one.

  • Milbourne Alabaster & Sage »

    The Milbourne Alabaster & Sage Classic Kitchen

    Milbourne is a classic Shaker door with a chunky frame and a slightly textured finish.

  • Milbourne Almond »

    The Milbourne Almond Classic Kitchen

    This Milbourne Almond kitchen really is the all-in-one cooking, working and relaxing space.

  • Milbourne Chalk »

    The Milbourne Chalk Classic Kitchen

    Milbourne Chalk is a classic Shaker door with a chunky frame and a slightly textured finish.

  • Milbourne Oak »

    The Milbourne Oak Classic Kitchen

    This Milbourne Oak kitchen combines a straight run of cabinets as well as curved features, including a striking peninsula which is ideal for eating and food preparation.

  • Milbourne Sage »

    The Milbourne Sage Classic Kitchen

    The Milbourne Sage incorporates an island and breakfast bar enhanced with black granite and an extra thick oak worktop.

  • Milton Ivory »

    The Milton Ivory Classic Kitchen

    Inviting, inspiring, intimate and individual, Milton Ivory is all this and more. A deceptively simple and clean design that brings an effortless ease into the home.

  • Milton Oak »

    The Milton Oak Classic Kitchen

    Milton Oak brings the beauty of wood into the heart of the home, cleverly mixing a hint of nostalgia with a wealth of modern style.

  • Milton Painted »

    The Milton Painted collection

    Set in a solid timber frame, Milton's simple Shaker-inspired door has a classical in-frame design which lends streamlined sophistication to any contemporary or period kitchen.

  • Milton Sage »

    The Milton Sage Classic Kitchen

    The soft, natural tone of Milton Sage sets the mood for country life in a kitchen that will truly become the heart of the home.

  • Vanbrugh »

    The Vanbrugh Classic Kitchen

    Influenced by the elegance of the Edwardian elegance and the graceful symmetry of its architecture Vanbrugh's traditional in-frame design with intricate and enchanting detailing has elements of period glamour.